THE ONE face & body bar is your one destination for highly professional non-invasive beauty services, where skin is radiantly reborn. We provide a full spectrum of laser skin rejuvenation and medical grade cosmetic procedures, high-end products and a host of other exquisite spa services, delivered by highly skilled and gracious staff dedicated to their craft. If you are looking for the ultimate in beauty care, then you have found THE ONE.

Minjung Lee

Minjung Lee

Minjung is the proud Owner and Spa Director of THE ONE face & body bar. After twenty years of providing luxury organic medical grade facials and treatments, she has honed her techniques to perfection. In her career, Minjung benefited greatly by working alongside experts in the field of laser skin rejuvenation, including valuable eight years experience and knowledge gained working alongside a medical doctor. What is a person to do with all the confidence in her expertise? THE ONE face & body bar was the answer for Minjung, as she brings her special skills to Barrie’s south end, with her handpicked team of warm and welcoming staff, and a passionate aspiration to deliver THE ONE experience.

EVO Gel Nails

*** GIVEAWAY!! **** We try out EVO Gel Nails at The ONE face and body bar and they want you to try it too! We will announce the winner later this week.

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The Benefits of Mineral Make-up

** NEW #TKL Video *** Mineral make-up has so many benefits: allowing your skin to breathe, it doesn't clog pores and it won't irritate your skin if you have allergies. We went to The ONE face and body bar to find out what makes it stand out. PLUS, you get a free application if you spent $75 or more on make up at The One!

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Why Your Body Needs Reflexology

*** NEW #TKL Video *** Women are prone to feeling tired, emotionally exhausted and stressed out. The ONE face and body bar introduced us to refelxology and we were shocked to find out how this ancient practice can help get our bodies back in balance with just a touch of a pressure point. You can try Reflexology for free at The One every Thursday, by appointment only.

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Sarah Tries Laser Vein and Hair Removal

*** NEW #TKL Video **** Sarah has had a spider vein cluster on her leg that has been bugging her for a while, so MJ at The ONE face and body bar took care of it with laser. Plus, we check out laser hair removal! cc: Cutera

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Mom's Spa Day

***NEW #TKL Video**** We treated one of our TKL Moms to the most epic spa day at The ONE face and body bar. Watch as Victoria K Psaila tried the Wrap and Nap package, which is amazing for any busy mom.

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Laser Skin Rejuvenation

***NEW #TKL Video brought to you by The ONE face and body bar**** Apryl tries laser skin rejuvenation at The ONE face and body bar, reducing fine lines and erasing sun damage. Check out her results! cc: Cutera

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Matt from FRESH Mornings gets his very first (and hopefully not last) facial!

Matt got his very first facial today! He loved it and recommends that every guy should try it. The ONE is having its grand opening this Saturday at 11am. Stop by and check them out.

Posted by 931 Fresh Radio on Tuesday, April 24, 2018

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